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2023 Charts:

11: Ambition vs. Reality: Share of Renewables in U.S. Primary Energy Demand

10: Who Emits Most and Least per Dollar of GDP?

9: Daily Natural Gas Receipts: Jan 2021 to Feb 2023 on the Anniversary of Russia’s Escalation

8: Lithium – An Upstream View

7: EU Crude Oil Trade: Shifts due to Russia’s War

6: ERCOT: Freezin’ Down in Texas – Mid-Winter 2022-2023 Generation Mix, Shortfalls, and Refinery Utilization

5: Natural Gas Storage Mid-Winter 2022-2023 in the Northern Latitudes

4: Comparing California Solar Generation During the 2022-2023 Pineapple Express

3: U.S. SPR 2022 Emergency Sales by Purchaser Type

2: Revisited: Near- and Short-Term Financial Returns of Green and Legacy Energy Investments vs Key S&P Benchmarks

1: U.S. Liquid Fuel and Feedstock Rail Movements: Select Views

2022 Charts:

46: Russian Seaborne Crude Oil Exports and the Price Cap Mechanism

45: The RFS: Do D6 RIN Prices Impact Corn Prices? A Simple Regression Analysis

44: EU’s Industrial Competitiveness Hinges on Natural Gas

43: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Demand Shift and Diversions from China to Europe

42: Resiliency of Crude Oil Production in the Permian Basin

41: Revisited: Overview of Tight Distillate Markets

40: New England Winter Electricity Generation Mix

39: China Runs on Coal: From Deng to Xi

38: Europe – Daily Natural Gas Receipts During 2022

37: U.K.’s Electricity Generation Mix: Some Considerations

36: Running on Empty: U.S. Strategic Petroleum ReserveNow at Historic Lows

35: Germany’s Energiewende: Some Considerations

34: Vast Majority of World Will Need More Energy

33: Revisiting California Retail Gasoline Prices vs. the U.S.

32: Calculating Foregone Tax Revenues per MMBTU of U.S. Primary Energy Production

30: GHG Impact of Inflation Reduction Act & Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

29: Natural Gas Storage Ahead of Winter 2022-2023

28: U.S. Crude Oil Production: New EIA Data Reveals Shortfalls

27: 2022 Mid-Summer Electricity Generation: California & Texas

26: Europe – Recently Reported Monthly Natural Gas Receipts

25: New York State CO2Emissions From Hydrocarbon Fuels

24: 2022 Mid-Summer Retail Transportation Fuel Prices

23: Natural Gas and Global Food Production

22: Implied Tesla Battery Production Costs

21: U.S. LNG Exports: Recent Trends

20: California Summer Hydroelectric Power Shortfall is Projected

19: Near- and Short-Term Financial Returns of Green and Legacy Energy Investments vs Key S&P Benchmarks

18: Expected U.S. LNG Capacity: Then (2017) and Now (2022)

17: Overview of Tight Global Distillate Markets

16: The North American Hydrocarbon Production Platform: Fueling the Americas, Generating Trade

15: Snapshot of Canadian Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, and Natural Gas Supply/Demand Balances

14: Energy Value of Ethanol vs Gasoline

13: U.S. Gasoline Sales vs. Vehicle Miles Traveled

12: Seeking Gasoline Price Relief Through Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Sales

11: U.S. Motor Vehicle Pollution Reduction Progress since 1970

10: Federal Onshore Leases – Exploration & Potential Production Timeline

9: European LNG Import Volumes & Capacity

8: Are GazProm’s Natural Gas Volumes Increasing Through Ukraine and Slovakia as Some Claim?

7: The Renewable Fuel Standard and Gasoline Prices

6: U.S. Consumer Energy Expenditures as a Percentage of Disposable Income

5: Winter of 2021-2022: Natural Gas Inventories in the Northern Latitudes – Mid-Season Update

4: Foregone Tax Revenues from U.S. Biodiesel Tax Credits

3: Onshore vs Offshore U.S. Royalties from Oil & Natural Gas Production

2: Foregone Tax Revenues from U.S. Fossil Fuel Programs

1: China Surpasses Japan in LNG Imports

2021 Charts:

40: Foregone Tax Revenues from U.S. Plug-in Electric Vehicle Tax Credits

39: Foregone Tax Revenues from U.S. Federal Renewable Electricity Investment Credits

38: Foregone Tax Revenues from U.S. Federal Renewable Electricity Production Credits

37: Seeking Gasoline Price Relief Through Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Sales

36: Natural Gas Inventories Ahead of Winter in the Northern Latitudes 2021-2022

35: Lithium and U.S. Motor Vehicle Considerations

34: Fertilizer: Where Natural Gas and Agriculture Meet

33: Long-Term Underinvestment in Upstream Oil & Gas Production Foreshadows High Prices as Global Demand Returns

32: Fast Charging Electric Vehicle (EV) Stations: Some Considerations

31: High-Level Analysis of the Contribution of US Shale Gas to European Gas Prices and Savings

30: Incremental Growth in Global Natural Gas Production Since 2010

29: Select Residential Electricity Prices: US and Europe

28:With High LNG Benchmark Prices, Some Asian Electricity Producers Are Considering Alternative Fuels

27: Natural Gas Prices are Signaling Tight Energy Markets Ahead of Winter

26: California Retail Gasoline Prices vs the U.S.

25: Fire at PEMEX’s Ku-Maloob-Zaap Halts Oil Output Temporarily

24: Total U.S. Annual Potential Solar Electricity Generation

23: Access to Electricity in Africa

22: Can California Meet Its Aggressive Fossil Fuel GHG Reduction Targets?

21: Mexico’s and PEMEX’s Estimated Revenue from the Talos-Led Development of Zama: Proceeds Through 2040

20: Gasoline Demand Forecasting: The Challenges of Getting It Right

19: Incremental Growth in Global Oil Production Since 2010

18: U.S. Energy Debt Market: A Look at High-Yield Bonds

17: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Crude Oil Potential: An NPV Assessment

16: U.S. Energy Debt Market Snapshot

15: Can the California Electricity Grid Immediately Switch to an All EV Fleet?

14: UK Electricity Capacity vs Electricity Generation

13: Emissions from Bitcoin Mining

12: U.S. Atlantic Coast is Dependent on Gulf Coast and MidContinent Petroleum Product Supplies

11: Biofuel Mandates are Adding to Gasoline Prices

10: Competition in U.S. Oil & Gas Upstream Development Yields Substantial Revenue to State Governments – The Case of Wyoming

9: Can the U.S. Electricity Grid Immediately Switch to an All-EV Fleet?

8: With Global Oil Demand on the Rebound, What About Supply?

7: “India Is Getting It Done”

6: LNG Suez Canal Traffic in Perspective

5: Competition in U.S. Oil & Gas Upstream Development Yields Substantial Revenue to State Governments

4: Changes to Mexico’s Planned Electricity Capacity Additions pre/post AMLO

3: “Freezin’ Down in Texas, All the Refineries Are Down”

2: China Runs on Coal

1: U.S. Net Imports of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products