EPRINC Fellow Tristan Abbey Writes Open Letter Recommending a Bipartisan Investigation: “Did Biden Break the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?”

EPRINC Fellow Tristan Abbey has written this open letter titled “Did Biden Break the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?” The letter was sent on October 27, 2022 to Senators Joe Manchin and John Barrasso, chairman and ranking member, respectively, of the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.


The letter calls for a bipartisan investigation into the operational impacts of the White House’s “historic 180-million-barrel drawdown” focusing on the following quetisons:

  1. Have maintenance requirements — well remediation, cavern closure, pipeline and pump replacements, etc. — increased as a result of the drawdown?
  2. Have any caverns collapsed or been closed temporarily or permanently as a result of the drawdown? Does the administration intend to close down any caverns or sites as a result of the SPR’s depletion? If so, which ones and over what time period?
  3. What is the current status of Life Extension II, the long-awaited $1.4 billion modernization program? Has it fallen further behind schedule?
  4. If the administration does refill the SPR, will the construction of new caverns and other infrastructure be required? Will an equal volume of oil be bought that was sold?

Lucian Pugliaresi and Michelle Michot Foss Pen Article for RealClear Energy: “Bad Energy Policy Ideas Never Die”

EPRINC President Lucian Pugliaresi has co-authored an article published on October 25, 2022 in RealClear Energy entitled “Bad Energy Policy Ideas Never Die“. In it, they discuss their concerns with recent public policies related to energy that have been proven to be major issues that will be difficult to recover from. A quote from the article with their proposed solution is below:


“To the fearful leaders in our country: step out on your turf and support the domestic oil and gas industries in ways that will build investor confidence and calm markets. There simply is no other way to meet the future without a strong domestic base for energy and materials. Others will take note, including troublemakers we face now and those we’ll face in the future.”



EPRINC Featured in CPM Group Video


In a new video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrJeb7JfHxY), CPM Group’s Managing Partner Jeffrey Christian discusses some issues regarding European Natural Gas supply that will come as a surprise to many people, including the extent to which Europe’s natural gas supply comes primarily from non-Russian sources, so that Europe is far less dependent on Russia for its natural gas than seems commonly believed.
Supporting Jeffrey Christian’s presentation and views are charts taken from EPRINC’s Chart of the Week Series, specifically #2022-38: Europe – Daily Natural Gas Receipts During 2022 (found here: https://eprinc.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/EPRINC-ChartOfTheWeek2022-38-RecentEuropeanNaturalGasReceipts-TheDailyView-Version3.pdf).
CPM Group is an independent commodities research, consulting, commodities and asset management, and investment banking firm that provides comprehensive research, analysis, and advisory services. CPM Group was founded in 1986 through a management acquisition of the Commodities Research Group at Goldman Sachs. More information about CPM Group can be found here: https://www.cpmgroup.com/cpmgroup-about-us/company-overview/

Larry Goldstein Speaks at JINSA Policy Webinar, “The Cartel Strikes Back: OPEC’s Production Cut”

Members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have recently made the decision with other oil producers (OPEC+) to slash production by 2 million barrels a day. The move—seen as led by Saudi Arabia and Russia—immediately sent oil prices higher, defies entreaties by the Biden administration for production increases to ease inflation and stabilize the global economy, and could provide a vital cash lifeline to Vladimir Putin’s war efforts in Ukraine.

JINSA held a discussion of the factors that contributed to this move, what it signals about Saudi relations with the United States, Russia, and other world actors, why the Biden administration was unable to prevent the production cut, and what the United States should do next. EPRINC’s Larry Goldstein participated and provided his insight based on his years of experience and expertise on the matter.

A transcript of Larry’s comments can be found here. The video of the event is below

EPRINC’s President Emeritus and Trustee Larry Goldstein Quoted in October 4th 2022 NY Times
OPEC is scheduled to meet October 5th 2022 in Vienna Austria to consider strategic guidance to its members and allies on global crude oil production. NY Times journalist Clifford Krauss discusses the issues in play ahead of the meeting, calling on and quoting EPRINC’s Larry Goldstein for insight.
The article, entitled “Saudi Arabia and Russia May Find Their Oil Pricing Power Limited”, can be read here.