EPRINC Hosts Virtual Workshop: There Will Be Oil

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, EPRINC hosted another virtual workshop in its series on COVID-19 and the Future of Oil and Gas. This workshop was titled “There Will Be Oil,” and the topics covered prospects for recovery for U.S. oil production and world petroleum demand. The discussion examined the nature and timing of U.S. oil production recovery and petroleum demand outlook as the world economies emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns. The presenters at the workshop were EPRINC Distinguished Fellows Trisha Curtis (co-founder, PetroNerds), Ash Shastri (founder, EnerStrat Consulting), and Michael Lynch (President Strategic Energy and Economic Research), EPRINC President Lucian Pugliaresi, and EPRINC’s newest Distinguished Fellow, Glen Sweetnam. As always, workshop participants will also be able to pose questions during the event. A recording of the workshop can be accessed after registering here, and the presentations can be found below.

Max Pyziur Publishes “There Will Be Gas”

EPRINC’s Director of Downstream, Transportation Fuels, & Natural Gas Projects Max Pyziur has published a new paper entitled “There Will Be Gas” in which he assesses the U.S. natural gas supply in light of the recent low-price environment. He writes:

“With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, world and U.S. crude oil prices collapsed. Price recovery is underway but it will take time before prices recover to $40-$50/bbl. These low prices are resulting in large reductions in U.S. crude oil production and its associated gas output. However, the U.S. resource base for natural gas, both dedicated (non-associated) and associated, remains vast. Companies may go bankrupt, but the geologic formations remain. A central question for policy makers and the U.S. petroleum industry is whether the current downturn in crude oil prices, particularly if it persists for a considerable period of time, will substantially alter the outlook for large and competitively priced natural gas supplies as a feedstock for LNG. This EPRINC report evaluates the potential for the U.S. to remain competitive as a major provider of LNG to the world market in a low oil price environment and what policies, if any, should be implemented to sustain the competitive outlook for the U.S.”

Max’s paper can be found here.

EPRINC’s Lucian Pugliaresi and Larry Goldstein Publish a Commentary on Policy Responses to the Current Crisis in the World Oil Market in Real Clear Energy

EPRINC President Lucian Pugliaresi and former EPRINC President Larry Goldstein have written a piece for Real Clear Energy entitled “Oil Quotas and Import Fees? No, Get America Back to Work.” In this piece, they examine the current issues in petroleum in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand destruction coincides with an oversupplied market. They write about their concerns with oil quotas and import fees as realistic solutions to this issue, and provide their thoughts on a possible solution. Click here to read their article.