Challenges in Paying for Tax Reform
Larry Goldstein takes a look at the challenges in paying for tax reform. If the border adjustment tax is dead, where do we go from here?  The carbon tax is unlikely to get much attention, so what about gasoline taxes?   Larry’s commentary on this important topic can be found here.

tax reform

Charles K. Ebinger Joins EPRINC as Distinguished Fellow

EPRINC is pleased to announce that Charles K. Ebinger (Charlie to us) has joined EPRINC as a Distinguished Fellow.  Charlie brings more than 30 years experience addressing the security, political, economic, environmental and foreign policy interrelationships surrounding domestic and international energy issues. He was recently Senior Fellow and Director of Brookings’ Energy Security Initiative. We look forward to drawing on Dr. Ebinger’s extensive experience and knowledge in the entire range of domestic and international energy issues. A copy of Charlie’s bio can be found here.