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    EPRINC Welcomes Anthony Livanios as a Distinguished Fellow

    Anthony Livanios, CEO of US Energy Stream, has joined EPRINC as a distinguished fellow.  He brings over twenty-five years of experience in working alongside, oil majors, oil independents, and national oil companies, on intergovernmental agreements, pipeline negotiations, LNG projects, geopolitical risk assessments, and market intelligence. We look forward to his good counsel and broad experience. A full biography of Anthony can be found here.

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    Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ) and EPRINC collaborate on Assessment on the Future of Asian LNG

    The Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ) and EPRINC have undertaken a joint assessment of the future role of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asian power and fuel markets. The research and survey project includes specific recommendations for policy makers and other stakeholders on strategies to both support LNG demand in Asia and to improve the competitiveness of U.S. natural gas in the region.

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    EPRINC Embassy Series: Building out the North American Energy Infrastructure

    The Embassy of Canada, in partnership with the Energy Policy Research Foundation Inc., sponsored a panel discussion at the Embassy on September 6th, 2017. The discussion focused on the opportunities and challenges associated with advancing North American energy integration, and recent U.S. initiatives to enact regulatory reform and other measures to provide a timely build out of pipelines, processing and export facilities, and other related energy infrastructure.

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    EPRINC and the Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ) Initiate Joint Research Program on the “Future of Asian LNG.”

    EPRINC and IEEJ established a joint research program to evaluate the “Future of Asian LNG Demand.” The effort was initiated with a joint workshop of experts, industry representatives, and government officials on July 20, 2017 in Washington D.C. and has since been followed by a meeting with Japanese industry experts in Tokyo on July 28, 2017. An overview of the research effort can be found here, and photos from the inaugural workshop are located here.

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    Charles K. Ebinger Joins EPRINC as Distinguished Fellow

    EPRINC is pleased to announce that Charles K. Ebinger (Charlie to us) has joined EPRINC as a Distinguished Fellow.  Charlie brings more than 30 years experience addressing the security, political, economic, environmental and foreign policy interrelationships surrounding domestic and international energy issues. He was recently Senior Fellow and Director of Brookings’ Energy Security Initiative. We look forward to drawing on Dr. Ebinger’s extensive experience and knowledge in the entire range of domestic and international energy issues. A copy of Charlie’s bio can be found here.

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Eprinc Partners With Embassy of Mexico
On September 23rd EPRINC partnered with the Embassy of Mexico to hold an event at the Mexican Cultural Institute here in Washington DC featuring discussions and presentations on the status of the Mexican energy reform program. The event was well attended and included senior Mexican and U.S. officials.


A copy of the agenda can be found here. Under Secretary Ochoa’s presentation can be found here, and Hector Castro Vizcarra, Mexico’s representative for the Secretariat of Energy (SENER) here in Washington, did an excellent write up of the event. Hector’s briefing can be found here.


EPRINC welcomes Jeffrey Kissel

EPRINC welcomes Jeffrey Kissel, former CEO of Hawaii Gas, as EPRINC Distinguished Fellow.

We look forward to Jeff’s insights and assistance drawing from his  long and distinguished experience across a broad spectrum of the energy industry.

For Jeff’s bio, click the link.

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