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EPRINC Featured in CPM Group Video


In a new video (, CPM Group’s Managing Partner Jeffrey Christian discusses some issues regarding European Natural Gas supply that will come as a surprise to many people, including the extent to which Europe’s natural gas supply comes primarily from non-Russian sources, so that Europe is far less dependent on Russia for its natural gas than seems commonly believed.
Supporting Jeffrey Christian’s presentation and views are charts taken from EPRINC’s Chart of the Week Series, specifically #2022-38: Europe – Daily Natural Gas Receipts During 2022 (found here:
CPM Group is an independent commodities research, consulting, commodities and asset management, and investment banking firm that provides comprehensive research, analysis, and advisory services. CPM Group was founded in 1986 through a management acquisition of the Commodities Research Group at Goldman Sachs. More information about CPM Group can be found here:

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