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RINs Around the Rosy App Available for iPhone and iPad

RINs Around the Rosy enables you to take on a variety of roles, from EPA Administrator to gasoline blender, in an attempt to guide the refined products market through the Renewable Fuels Standard whilst avoiding a crash into the blendwall. Think of it as an RFS compliance calculator.

This app serves as a model of the RFS and refined products (gasoline and diesel) market. It gives you control over nearly two dozen variables, enabling you to set an infinite number of volumetric mandates and product demand forecasts, measure RIN carryover, test various gasoline and diesel blending options, and examine the impact of custom waiver scenarios. RINs Around the Rosy will track your inputs and assumptions and let you know if you have met the mandate you set or if and how you fell short. 

EPRINC’s RFS compliance calculator has been released as a free download on Apple’s App Store.  Now you can model various RFS and refined product market scenarios until your thumbs fall off.  The app is optimized for iPhone 5/5s and compatible with iPad.  


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