Do They Mean What They Say? Did They Say What They Meant? I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of this 100%

President Obama has told us that his energy policy philosophy is “All-Of-The-Above.”

I have mentioned in the past that you need to take him literally: “All-Of-The-Above,” meaning all of the energy that can be sourced above ground. But nothing-below.

Wind, solar, renewables – Yes!

Coal and other fossil fuels – No!

This Presidential Administration and the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination have taken credit, almost pridefully, for single-handedly destroying the coal industry. Broad expanses of areas in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are economically being dismissed in casual fashion. Hard working Americans are being permanently put out of work, as we watch countries in Asia and other regions promote new coal capacity.

Having succeeded in destroying the coal industry, they have turned their attention to the other “dinosaurs:” oil and natural gas. The President has referred to fossil fuels as the Dinosaur of the past.

I have suggested that the dinosaurs of our past are turning out to be the fuels of our future!  Thanks to fracking.

So now in response to the success of fracking and the increased attention to oil by the consumer and its positive shot in the arm to the economy, what do we hear? We hear that we need to postpone the promised sale of oil leases off the East Coast, and the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination now wants to put an end to fracking.

All of those in favor of the Administration’s position, please tell me NOW WHAT?!?!?! Wind and solar after 20-plus years of subsidies (they do fill a role) are contributing about 2% to our energy requirements!

… with apologies to Horton and Dr. Seuss.

“All-Of-The-Above. …”

… But what about below?




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