WSJ Opinion: The Keystone Debacle

The U.S. decision to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to go forward should have been easy.

The pipeline would mean at least 20,000 new construction jobs. It would provide lower cost and reliable shipping opportunities for surging North Dakota oil production. Shipping petroleum from Canada’s oil sands to the Gulf of Mexico means refiners there would gain a ready replacement for declining supplies of Mexican and Venezuelan crude. Most importantly, it would reinforce expectations that massive and long-term North American infrastructure investments could proceed free of political risk.

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EPRINC in the press, recent presentations

Time to Rethink Renewable Fuels, by Lucian Pugliaresi, published on, April 18, 2013.


EPRINC’s Trisha Curtis: getting crude to the right markets, Petroleum News Bakken,                               May 19, 2013 (PDF)


The Game is Changing – Infrastructure and the North American Petroleum Renaissance, presentation by Trisha Curtis before the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, May 1, 2013 (PDF)


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